Learn the perfect cue action for snooker, pool and billiards.

Do you want to improve your snooker/pool skills? Make higher breaks? Win more matches? It all starts with a good cue action... CueMeasure is an application developed together with the top coaches in the world to measure and improve your cue action.

What makes it awesome

CueMeasure is used by top coaches around the world to quickly detect problems with the cue action and help to solve them! No need to invest in expensive equipment when you can already improve a great deal using this application only.

Easy To Use

It tracks the movements of your cue and detects when your make a shot. Each shot is then analysed in detail using different heuristic algorithms


The app keeps track of the different shots in your training session to give your an overall session score


It can automatically alert you if it detects unwanted cue action behaviour. For more advanced uses, CueMeasure shows the movement of your cue using realtime graphs (e.g. are you lifting your elbow just before you make the shot?)


CueMeasure works perfectly on its own, but it also supports a networking/coaching mode where the cue action measurements are transmitted in realtime to another iPhone/iPad device (typically an iPad). Your friend or coach can then view your performance in realtime.


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During my first session with CueMeasure it immediatly alerted me that I was rotating my wrist during final backswing. It took me a while to correct this, but eventually I am hitting the ball much more straigth now.
Eddy, highest break 80

CueMeasure indicated to me that I was lifting the cue when I was hitting the ball. Together with some people from my club, we found out that this was because I was raising my elbow!
Geert, highest break 88

The graph of CueMeasure indicated that I was swinging the cue left/right during my waggles. I was cueing "around my body" instead of straight!
Jan, highest break 78

Download it now

CueMeasure requires iOS 7.1, it's a standalone app (no internet connection required) and is developed to run beautifully on iPod/iPhone 4(s) - 5 - 6 - 6 plus and all iPad devices. Please note that you can install CueMeasure on an iPad for coaching mode, but for the actual measuring of the cue action it requires an iPhone.

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