Snooker Coach 147

Number #1 snooker coaching app!
Learn the practice routines of the professional snooker players.


Realtime shot measurements app.
Learn the perfect cue action for snooker, pool and billiards.

Digital Snooker Scoreboard

Play just as in the Crucible.

Mini Cooler

Avoid overheating of your Mac mini®
Increase its performance and prolong its life.


Open source electronics project for a device measuring CO2 concentration and temperature.
It can also control IR devices and show status on an OLED display. Fully WIFI and MQTT enabled.


Open source electronics project for a mains power switch incorporating a temperature and presence sensor.
It contains a manual push button but is fully WIFI and MQTT enabled.


Open source electronics project for a WIFI button based on the ESP8266 with some advanced functionalties.