Learn the exercises and practice routines of the professional snooker players

SnookerTrainer is an application specifically designed to help you practice your snooker skills. It contains many exercises and trainings with detailed pictures and descriptions on how to set up the table.

What makes it awesome

Easy To Use

Use the build in trainings, or create your personal training program by grouping your preferred exercises into a training.

Personal coach

Using SnookerTrainer you can set up a complete training program, specifically tailored to your needs.

Be guided

Start your practice and let the application guide you through it.

Stay on top

SnookerTrainer keeps track of the time spend on each exercise, and will alert you when its time to move to the next one. Why? Because an important pitfall is that you spend to much time on one exercise. A good practice routine contains different exercises, one after the other, to keep you motivated and in the zone.


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I am a passionate player. The exercises in SnookerTrainer motivated me to train more and I do many different exercises now, instead of always playing the same line-up

Eddy, highest break 80

I used to go to my local club to 'knock some balls around' as practice. SnookerTrainer has helped me to train more focused with the goal to complete each exercise successfully. I am winning more matches and playing with more confidence

Geert, highest break 88

Since I have been using SnookerTrainer I have been practicing more regularly because it motivates me, and I can organise my training session perfectly

Jan, highest break 78

Download it now

SnookerTrainer requires iOS 7.1, it's a standalone app (no internet connection required) and is developed to run beautifully on iPod/iPhone 4(s) - 5 - 6 - 6 plus and all iPad devices

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